Lenny Romero


Birthday:  Leo

Born a Leo in the Northern New Mexico town of Espanola, Lenny's music career started with the Penasco High School Stage Band directed by Martin Sena which included playing Spanish , oldies, and rock tunes for families, students and staff. His first paying gig was with a band named Mighty Quick from Taos, NM. After graduating high school, Lenny moved to Albuquerque to attend community college. While attending, he was introduced to Joey Medina, a fellow musician who later introduced him to Tejano Music. Months later Grupo Diverzion was formed. Some years later, Lenny decided to change up his music preference and play Rock and Metal music in bands such as Shit Happens, Who'z Your Daddy, 3Face, Killingracy and An American Tragedy but the love for cumbias couldn't keep him away. Lenny got back into the Spanish music scene. He then joined and filled in for more great artists such as Las Florecitas, Ernestine Romero, Donna Christine, Tanya Griego, El Gringo, Malsangre and Tequila Rain. Somewhere along the way he and Grupo Fuego crossed paths and soon after was onboard taking the show on the road. After a small hiatus, Lenny has reunited with the group and is ready to begin the next chapter with Severo y Grupo Fuego. His proudest moments are when he sees his mom sitting in the crowd cheering for him and the band.